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About us


SAFCO aims to be recognized as:
· Experts in the field of Geotechnical and Materials Testing.
· Technologically advanced, while practical and business oriented.
· A partner of choice for our clients by:
· Adding value to their projects.
· Being worthy of their confidence by remaining accountable for our actions
· Delivering services based on real needs.


· Clients: We believe that in order to succeed we must contribute to the Success of our clients.
· Staff: Our performance and abilities are only as good as the staff we are able to attract, develop and retain.
· Technology: A cornerstone of our philosophy is to develop and embrace new technologies and methodologies to the advantage of our clients business.
· Cooperation: We encourage cooperation and communication between our offices, to the best advantage of our clients.
· Growth: It is our view that growth of our business must be in response to the requirements of clients.


To provide high quality Geotechnical Engineering Services, with high value to our client and to ourselves.

  • To be recognized for the quality of our professional services to provide those services for a reasonable fee.
    · Providing a superior investment for our clients.
    · To be respected for the ethics of our practice and our contribution to the profession and to society at large.
    · Maintaining broadly-based employee ownership.
    · Providing an environment for a satisfying and challenging career
    · Providing an umbrella for ambitious staff members to grow their client base and their reputations in directions of their own choosing
    · Maintaining an environment which is conducive to innovative thinking and solutions
    · Recognizing and rewarding excellence and achievement
    · Fostering a unified corporate culture

SOIL & FOUNDATION COMPANY LIMITED (SAFCO) is an Egyptian limited liability company, which has been established for providing services in the field of Civil Engineering since 1997, by providing Geotechnical Engineering Related Services. These services include Geotechnical Investigations, Quality Control Assurance on Soil, Aggregate, Concrete and Asphalt, Topographical Survey, Structural Analysis, Pile Load Tests, and Pile Integrity, and other Geotechnical Contracting works such as temporary Shoring, Dewatering works, Anchoring. Soil Nailing and Rocks Bolting works, Piling and Micro Piling works, Grouting and Excavation works
are also part of our specialty. We provide all the above-mentioned services and works in any part in Egypt.

Our main objective is to be of benefit to our clients, in both public and private sectors by providing consultation and contracting services of high professional standards and technical competence. This has been accomplished by hiring professionals and specialists in the fields of our services and supporting this group with a well-trained Technical Staff and Personnel, Laboratories of International Standards, Instrumentations of high accuracy and the latest up to date field and Laboratory Equipment.

Soil & Foundation Co. Ltd., (SAFCO) are committed to excellence and take great pride in the performance of our projects and people. Together with our clients and partners, we celebrate our success and value.

Since 1977, our staff numbers have in fact increased to reach over 1031. This growth has forced us to work hard to knit the entity of SAFCO as closely as possible.

We have encouraged a lot more interaction among the practices in the form of improvement and development.
This has, I am sure, both improved the quality of work we undertake and our ability to serve clients in all parts of Saudi Arabia. We have increased our links with public and private bodies and institutions which has enabled us to maintain unique work quality.

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