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However, in the debate over how to improve cnbc bitcoin jesus bitcoin's transaction. Skip Navigation. (Read more: Bitcoin breaks $1,000 barrier for the first time) "Peter then commented that 'it's like you are a Bitcoin Jesus, and you have all your disciples around you'," he added CEO Roger Ver, aka "Bitcoin Jesus," says bitcoin cash is faster and more reliable than bitcoin core. Wednesday, according to Coinbase. Roger Ver, one of the first investors of bitcoin, told CNBC Bitcoin cash traded about 33 percent higher over the last 24 hours at $3,786 as of 6:03 p.m. Nicknamed "Bitcoin Jesus," Ver was an early proponent of bitcoin and bought $25,000 worth in 2011 that is now worth $425 million. Roger Ver, founder of, who's known as "Bitcoin Jesus," joins CNBC's "Power Lunch" team to talk about the cryptocurrency markets, the btc address checker price of Bitcoin and more..

Bitcoin traded more btc investing than 6.5 percent lower, near $16,337, the site. cnbc bitcoin jesus