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Geological and Hydrological Studies

Geological and Hydrological Studies

Since the study area located parallel to the shoreline, the hydrological investigation should cover the effects from the following items:

  1. Surface runoff from or flash flood (water flow) from the inland
  2. The effects from marine environment
  3. The wetlands (small lagoon) in the coast area.

The main goal of the present study is delineating the drainage networks (wadis and tributaries) which come from the mountain and high land area to predict surface water runoff, and consequently the flash flood hazards zones in the study area. Also, hazards of marine (such as erosion) on the study area.

To Providing solutions and recommendations to protect the project area from any hazards, caused by flash flood or surface runoff, it should first outline the high-and low-risk zones. Consequently, from the hydrological study, it can suggest the suitable location for future urban extension and development.

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