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Geotechnical Investigation

Geotechnical Investigation

The purpose of the geotechnical investigation shall be to obtain information concerning the nature, thickness and characteristics of the soil and rock strata underlying the project site and to determine the engineering properties of the various strata for use in the design of the project. The investigation shall include interpretation of data obtained with recommendations for suitable building foundation system.
The geotechnical investigation shall comprise drilling of boreholes, obtaining soil and rock samples for the laboratory analysis and carrying out in-situ and laboratory tests in accordance with the appropriate requirements of applicable British (BS) or American Standards (ASTM)

The geotechnical investigation works shall consist of:

–        Site reconnaissance study consisting of a thorough review of available, aerial photos, literature, and a visual reconnaissance of the works

–        Subsurface investigation program (Drilling & Sampling Procedures).

–        Field testing of the strata.

–        Laboratory testing of the samples recovered.

–        Documentation, evaluation and reporting of the data obtained.

In this process of site reconnaissance, field investigations and testing, the nature, or characteristics of the material (surface and subsurface) will be evaluated.

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