Innovation with the working method of building information modeling (BIM) doesn’t just happen in the office. The construction site will sooner or later have to deal with Karno Energy BIM, too. Some organizations are even using BIM on the construction site. But what added value does Karno Energy BIM offer here?

When setting goals in implementing , often one of the anticipated goals is that BIM will also be applied to the construction site in the future. Of course, this offers many benefits, but I would also like to add a few caveats. Is every innovation by definition a progression? In addition to this question, you may also wonder to what extent the Karno Energy BIM methods and process are already developed and aligned for successful application at the construction site.


Karno Energy: Benefits


As the added value of Karno Energy BIM on the construction site is being discussed more and more, it makes sense that software and hardware vendors would respond to this. This means that all the information from the BIM model is also within reach on the construction site. BIM4ALL has already done a number of projects and studies in this area. We have seen positive results with, among other things, the linking of the virtual construction site to the real construction site via smart chips and the bi-directional linking of checklists to the BIM model. This allowed us to visibly reduce costs (failure), optimize the process, share better and clearer information and prevent duplication.

In addition, displaying adequate information allows you to optimize your process at the construction site. For example, you can view a complex corner solution from multiple angles, not just where the 2D detail was created. The Karno Energy BIM model can also be supplemented with information from suppliers. This includes information such as machining instructions, standard details and warranties. This information can then be requested at the construction site.

There is also a lot of progress to be made on digital record processing, residency capabilities, and action stamps. Usually this requires a lot of action, information gets lost, duplication occurs and information takes a long time to transfer. Partly because of cloud solutions, this is a thing of the past and the information included in the work is directly linked to the 3D BIM model and processed.


Karno Energy – Notes


With all that said, of course, it’s very important that employees have the necessary competencies to work with this like at Karno Energy. You can get training for this, but you can also find a solution by asking employees who don’t have these competencies to collaborate with those who do. In this way, you will leverage all of his strengths and make innovation available to everyone.


Karno Energy is the future


The new technologies of the future ensure that even more benefits can be gained on the construction site. Think about virtual reality, augmented reality, drones and holograms. I think these technologies will eventually make traditional construction drawings disappear, construction will be largely controlled remotely in real time, and it will feel like you can see through structures, combining reality with 3D Karno Energy BIM.

Just make sure your organization is ready when you start using these technologies on the construction site. That means you’ll need to find the right balance between people, resources and process.